Podcast #35: Air Force Disruptive Solutions Process

wingmanMany of the best ideas for solving Warfighter challenges come from the Warfighters themselves. Unfortunately, these good ideas often get buried in the bureaucracy and never make it into the formal acquisition, research, and/or development processes. In 2004, a small team of ANG officers sought to correct this by “data mining” good ideas from front line Citizen-Airmen and then rapidly delivering inexpensive, high return-on-investment solutions.

Lt. Col. Edward Vaughan, deputy director of Air Force Blue Horizons, discusses how employing old technology in radically new ways can result in high yield solutions that challenge conventional thinking, thus breaking old paradigms and “disrupting” the bureaucracy. While such an approach is not suitable for all applications, it has proven effective in areas such as human factors, safety, energy, disaster relief, and ethics of technology.

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