Armed with Science is a daily blog site for the Department of Defense that incorporates print, video, and social media assets over 50 scientific organizations across the Federal government. These efforts were recognized with the 2009 APEX Award for Publication Excellence and the PR News Nonprofit PR Award.

2014 50 Must-Read Federal IT Blogs BadgeIn 2014, the Department of Defense named Armed with Science as one of the top three defense blogs, appealing to interests for both internal and external audiences.  FedTech Magazine named Armed with Science one of their 50 Must-Read Federal Government IT Blogs of 2013. Armed with Science was again named as one of the Top 50 Must-Read Federal IT Blogs of 2014, alongside the likes of Politico, FedScoop and the White House Office of Science and Technology Blog.

From the FedTechMagaine.com website: 

Forget what you think you know about science blogs. This Defense Department blog chronicles cutting-edge projects led by DOD and its partner organizations. From stories about wearable tech suits to virus-zapping robots, there’s plenty to keep readers engaged and coming back for more.

This science and technology blog provides a better conduit to celebrate those men and women involved in cutting-edge research and development at the Department of Defense.  In the spirit of science, the blog will also be an “experiment in progress,” exploring new social technologies to better engage the public and continually evolving to meet the needs of our audience.

Armed with Science is dedicated to discussing the science, innovation and technology that is shaping the future of the force every day.  Blog posts are engaging and encourage open discussion about the amazing contributions the Department of Defense is providing to the world of science. SCIENCE MATTERS!

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  • Major Kevin Steel

    I recently discovered your web page. I am a cardiologist at Wilford Hall Medical Center and am developing a cardiac CT database with Oracle – i am look for a host web site for the database which has been developed by our IT department; please direct me to whomever may be willing to help me with this hosting question. Thank you.

  • http://www.prdesign.ca/ Alex

    WOW, I had no idea that such awards exist in the Defense Department.

  • http://teenempattenuation.blogspot.com/ Marc

    The link above talks about a teenager who has invented a High-Level EMP Attenuation System. It was built to stop the effects of an EMP at any power rating and frequency.

    It allows cables to enter into a structure that is hardened. Something that is not very feasible right now. You all should check it out. He has a twitter and YouTube; He uses that to update people as he improves his invention.

  • Morgan Kingston

    The cure for HIV:

    From Morgan Kingston

  • Major Kenneth Stice

    Where do I go to research available military tours to Antarctica?

  • http://twitter.com/ArmedwScience Armed with Science

    Lt. Col. Vaughan will get back to you on the Antarctic military tours ASAP. Thanks for the question.

  • Lt. Col. Ed Vaughan

    The primary DOD force providers for Operation Deep Freeze are specifically trained units that typically fall under USTRANSCOM, as a supporting command. For Air Force deployers, 99% of the deployed Air Force UTCs (Unit Task Codes) are filled by three wings with highly specialized Antarctic training programs: 62nd and 446th Airlift Wings at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, and the 109th Airlift Wing, Stratton Air National Guard Base, New York. There are a handful of positions that are filled elsewhere including medical, safety, JI/JAI, and a few others.

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  • Maxinep

    To think I only just found out about you today.__________________________________________________________

    Maxine C. Pierson
    Mgr., Education & Corporate Relations
    Allegro Productions, Inc
    1000 Clint Moore Road

    Boca Raton, FL 33487 



  • Matthew Lamberty

    Anyone up for taking me into a new age education program? I want to redeem myself from the government public education failed brainwashed. I hope to start a business of super programmers.

  • Lt. Peyman Ghasemi

    Hi, I just found the picture of “HAARP antenna array by Michael Kleiman” originated by this website, inside the wikipedia public domain, I like to use it inside my book: Kings’ dirty operation, if there is any copyright issues you shall inform me during current week. regards, Advisor to President, First-Lieutenant Peiman Ghasemi