Walking Tall – How New Prosthetics Are Changing The Game

According to the Department of Defense, 1,453 service members have lost limbs since the start of the wars in 2001.  Of those, 82% were lower extremity injuries.  In spite of this, some wounded warriors are not letting their lack of limbs slow down their stride…literally.

Thanks to some advancements in technology, some of these injured troops have returned to active duty.  A few of them even went back to the war.  How’s that possible?  Injured troops at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center are trying out a new type of computerized prosthetic that’s helping them to walk tall in more ways than one.

The Pentagon Channel explains:

Developing More Lifelike Artificial Limbs

VA researchers constantly strive to improve the construction of prostheses, using leading edge technologies such as robotics, tissue engineering, and nanotechnology to create lighter limbs that closely mimic their natural counterparts. The integration of body, mind, and machine is a major guiding principle as VA specialists design and build artificial limbs that look, feel, and respond like natural arms and legs.

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