Happy New Year!

We here at Armed with Science wish you a Happy New Year!

2011 brought us a lot of changes, accomplishments, timeless moments, life-altering events and more.  This is a video montage depicting military operations and events from 2011 in one second clips.

A lot can happen in one second…


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Julie Weckerlein is no stranger to the blogosphere. As a personal and professional blogger for the past 10 years, she further contributes to the internet as a web content manager for the Department of Defense. She's also an Air Force Reserve public affairs non-commissioned officer after a nine-year active duty career with assignments in Germany, Italy and the Pentagon, and a deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan as a combat correspondent for the Air Force News Service. Her affinity for science media started with her first magazine subscription to Ranger Rick at age 9 and she's never lost her excitement for the cool things happening in the world of science.
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2 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Federepubelge says:

    Happy that my local infos precedet immediate ereasing of O.BL.!  Wish you all, Good & Happy New 2012. !  FRB-Trogi.

  2. Bjvillage says:

    Thanks for a pleasant reminder of the sacrifices made by our great military men and women!