DC3 Deadline is Fast Approaching

Supported under U.S. Code, Section 2374a, the DC3 Challenge is one of DC3′s tools to push forward the digital forensic community by raising awareness and strengthening professional standards.

The objectives of the Annual Digital Forensics Challenge are to establish relationships; resolve technological issues; and develop new tools, techniques, and methodologies for the digital forensic community.

With less than 30 days left in the DC3 Challenge to get 10% bonus points, over 77 teams have submitted challenge exercises.  Don’t lose out bonus points; submit by 1 July 2011.  Rules are explained HERE.

For more information about the 2011 DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge, visit www.dc3.mil/challenge/2011.

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Julie Weckerlein is no stranger to the blogosphere. As a personal and professional blogger for the past 10 years, she further contributes to the internet as a web content manager for the Department of Defense. She's also an Air Force Reserve public affairs non-commissioned officer after a nine-year active duty career with assignments in Germany, Italy and the Pentagon, and a deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan as a combat correspondent for the Air Force News Service. Her affinity for science media started with her first magazine subscription to Ranger Rick at age 9 and she's never lost her excitement for the cool things happening in the world of science.
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