The Military Protects Animals, Too!

Did you know the U.S. military works hard to protect endangered wildlife and habitats?

It’s true.

Here’s what Mr. Peter Boice , Deputy Director of Natural Resources at the Department of Defense, had to say about the department’s policies for protecting these animals:

The Department of Defense issued new policies for natural resources management on military lands recently. The guidance improves the integration of mission and stewardship needs, and helps ensure the long-term health of ecosystems located on military installations. It also will ensure that a conservation ethic is the norm in DoD.

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For more information about the animals in the photos, you can view this fact sheet (PDF) or click to the Flickr site.

DoD’s Natural Resources Conservation Program (NR Program) provides policy, guidance, and oversight for management of natural resources on approximately 30 million acres of military land, air, and water resources. For example, DoD is responsible for managing and protecting 420 federally-listed species and 523 species at risk.

The NR Program’s goal is to continue access to realistic habitat conditions, supporting the military’s combat readiness mission, while simultaneously working to ensure the long-term sustainability of our country’s priceless natural heritage.

Mexican Spotted Owl (Department of Defense photo)