ICEX: Submarines and a Lot of Ice

The submarines have arrived in the Arctic, where the  U.S. Navy sent a bunch of team members to participate in an Arctic submarine exercise called ICEX. This involves team members setting up camp on an ice camp and blogging about it.

You can read the most recent posts made available on NavyLive, the service’s official blog.

The Submarines are Here

Maui in the Arctic

Showers? Forget about it!

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5 Responses to ICEX: Submarines and a Lot of Ice

  1. It looks like a bus moving on a road. I know about the ships getting into trouble due to ice, but is there going to be any problem to the submarines?

    • Jlgossett says:

      Type your comment here.I think what looks like a “road” is the path the submarine had already plowed through the ice. We intentionally surfaced NEW HAMPSHIRE through only a couple inches of relatively slushy ice. It waas not a problem to drive through. During the few hours they were surfaced, the submarine was not at risk of being frozen in place. If the opening had started to close, all they had to do was submerge – a luxury that other ships don’t have.

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    Wow this looks amazing. It’s great to be able to read about their experiences in the Arctic.