DOD Launches Casual Gaming Site

Defense Acquisition University's new casual gaming site offers 13 mini games for the acquisition workforce.

Defense Acquisition University's new casual gaming site offers 13 mini games for the acquisition workforce.

About the author: Dr. Alicia Sanchez serves as Defense Acquisition University’s Games Czar.  Since her appointment in 2007, she has created an award winning games initiative for the University.

Defense Acquisition University (DAU) proudly announces the launch of the first ever Department of Defense casual games site. The DAU games site launches today, December 1st, 2010 with, 13 mini games designed specifically to enhance Acquisition workforce education.

DAU’s Global Learning Technologies Center became determined to launch a site of this nature when it was realized that DAU students were similar in demographic to users of other casual games sites. The rationale behind the site was to serve as a place where professionals in the Acquisition workforce could go to play games that were related to the “core competencies” that are central to Acquisition. The result was a game site that mirrors some of the functionalities that most sites use today, including the ability to create a login to store, rate, and comment on games as well as collect badges for achievements in play.

Dr. Sanchez is currently located in Orlando where she oversees the Orlando Teaching and Learning Lab and actively participates with Team Orlando.

Dr. Alicia Sanchez oversees the Orlando Teaching and Learning Lab and actively participates with Team Orlando.

Of the 13 games available for the launch, four of those games were created specifically to be used on the site. Those games include titles such as Select-A-Cell, a game that provides users with an overview of the Logistics Lifecycle; Acquisition Proposition, a diner dash style game designed to reinforce the phases of the Acquisition Lifecycle; and the Invasion Prevention Corporation’s CPI game, a game designed to help students understand when and why it might be appropriate to use continuous process improvement tools. The CPI game was recently named a finalist in the I/ITTSEC Serious Games Showcase and Challenge for 2010’s competition.

DAU’s Global Learning Technologies Center intends to release a new game each month in order to keep players coming back and to keep the content on the site fresh. January’s additional will be “Artemis: A Cost Estimating Game”, and in February users can expect to see “Time Traveler: A Rates Game”.

The site is open to the public and all games can be played without logging in, so stop in and play! In the meantime, check out these screenshots:

Procurement Fraud Indicators

Operation Moonraker

Charge! helps teach pricing and contracting guidelines.

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12 Responses to DOD Launches Casual Gaming Site

  1. Wondersite says:

    Great start up concept! J Jackson!

  2. govWin Team says:

    Love it… especially the fact that the games are open to the public, and that gov folks are figuring out ways to leverage gaming behaviors for learning and training.

    • Armed with Science says:

      Agreed! I think it will be interesting to see how the social features develop as new games are released. Do you have a favorite game? Or just any involving the happy fun at character, Ratner?~ John | AwS Team

      • govWin Team says:

        No favorite yet — have to try them all…

        • Alicia Sanchez says:

          So…I may be biased, but I have two favorites: Procurement Fraud Indicators- because it was my first and because I really felt like I learned so much from it, and Charge-mostly because I love the art style of this one and I think we all wish we could be this close to our boys in the field!

    • Alicia Sanchez says:

      GovWin Team – Thanks for your support. We are really trying to move out on this initiative and it means alot!

  3. James Carr says:

    I have met Dr. Sanchez a number of times. Very smart, the site is a “must add” to your smart phone, I pad, laptop. great work Dr.S.

    • Alicia Sanchez says:

      Getting a compliment from James Carr is always a day maker for me. Thanks so much, we’re trying to get more of the games to play well on mobile devices and plan to start launching games in the ITunes App Store this year!

  4. Capt. Matt Molinski says:

    This is an engaging education tool to assist employees in learning or refreshing skills for the workplace. Hopefully other areas of the DOD will embrace this type of tool soon. Dr. Sanchez has done a great job delivering gaming into a work culture that many would believe too difficult to introduce gaming as a viable teaching tool.

    • Alicia Sanchez says:

      Capt Matt- I couldn’t agree more! I really hope that this initiative will convince others that its possible to start these projects even with a tiny budget!

  5. M.G. says:

    I think this is a great idea to facilitate learning in the workplace. I can see this concept being adopted by other parts of the DOD as well.

    • Alicia Sanchez says:

      Thanks MG! I really hope other DoD Entities adopt this model. (If you know any, have them call me….)