VIDEO: The Military’s Social Media Expert on Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything”

Last month, Sumit Agarwal, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs) for Outreach and Social Media, took part in’s “Ask Me Anything” interview series. The interviews feature a public figure and give them an opportunity to answer the top ten questions from the community.

You can watch Mr. Agarwal’s full response in the video above, or you can select from the individual questions below:

1. WalkInMy_Shoes: What is your view about the Wikileaks issue and what role will sites like these play in the future of higher echelon decision making? Watch Response

2. Virtblue: Do you think that your job of representing a government entity on the Internet will become harder or easier if net neutrality fails? And why? Watch Response

3. robotsongs: With the increasing prevalence of the Internet in providing communication, a news medium and organizational tools, why is Net Neutrality not being championed by this administration as a First Amendment right? Watch Response

4. Odusei: One of the President’s bullet points on the campaign trail was a more open and transparent government. Do you feel that Wikileaks is holding the administration to that promise? Watch Response

5. Alceraptor: What is your current take on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement or ACTA? Watch Response

6. jmknsd: How would you rate the technical competence of the people running our country? Watch Response

Sumit Agarwal, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (PA) for Outreach and Social Media, answered questions on's "Ask Me Anything" series. (Photo: DoD)

Sumit Agarwal, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (PA) for Outreach and Social Media, answered questions on's "Ask Me Anything" series. (Photo: DoD)

7. TheOneGaffer: How is the DoD [Department of Defense] working to reach out to the under-18 crowd to ensure the long-term ability of the United States to operate without being seen as a ‘bully’ or ‘threat’ to others? Watch Response

8. immerc: Is it possible for the US Defense Department to use blogs, social networking, and similar tools to convince a jaded public that what the US military is doing is honorable, effective and necessary, without resorting to jingoism or straw-man caricatures? Watch Response

9. alexhancock: What lasting impact (if any) do you feel the culture of posting personal information online on sites such as Facebook and Twitter will have on the future security of America and that of its citizens? Watch Response

10. 7r007h: How does the defense department’s massive amounts of secretive spending, detailed in the Washington Post’s Top Secret America, actually protect Americans better? Watch Response

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