HOW TO: Submit Your Ideas for DoD’s Open Government Plan

OpenDefense: Share.Discuss.VoteValerie Miller is a Defense Fellow in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. She operates the Defense Department’s Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account.

When I post a story to the Department of Defense (DoD) Facebook Fan Page or send out an update via the DefenseGov Twitter feed, I get instant feedback.  By taking into account this feedback, I am able to better provide the kind of information that our fans and followers care about.

Now, the whole of government is using a similar strategy to increase transparency and public involvement in decision-making. President Obama believes this focus on Open Government will “strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in government.”

To get involved, visit DoD’s Open Government page at  The best way to get started using the site is to locate the box on the left side of the screen titled, “Join the Conversation.” This will take you to the Ideascale tool, which allows you share, discuss, and vote on ideas for DoD’s Open Government Plan.

1. Sign up.  You can log-in with your user name and password if you have an AOL, Google, Yahoo!, or WordPress account. Or, you can start a new account by entering your e-mail address and selecting a password.

Sign up with your preferred account or register a new one!

Sign up with your preferred account or register a new one.

2. Share Your Ideas. If you have an idea or suggestion for how DoD can be more open and transparent, click on “Sign Up and Share Ideas.” It’s easy: just tell us what you think. You should title your new idea and choose a category, so it will be easy for people to find. Then, simply click “Post Idea,” and your idea will be visible on the site. Ideas submitted before March 17th will be considered for inclusion in DoD’s Open Government Plan, which will come out in April.

Share Your Ideas

Share your ideas!

3. Discuss and Vote on Ideas. Read through other posts and share your opinion about a suggestion by selecting “I Agree” or “I Disagree.” The ideas with the most positive feedback will show up under the Most Popular tab. And, here’s the great thing: DoD has a responsibility to be aware of the most popular ideas.

Discuss and vote on your favorite ideas

Discuss and vote on your favorite ideas is also a great resource for finding data sources, records and reports, and news updates related to DoD’s Open Government Plan.  Still not sure why transparency is important?  You can find news and updates about the Administration’s efforts toward making the government more accessible and accountable.

It’s not just the DoD that is now “open.”  Federal agencies across the government are participating. Check out Open Government Dashboard, which tracks agency progress and links to each agency’s Open Government webpage.

As the primary operator for DoD’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, I have a unique perspective.  I get immediate feedback on my posts, and it helps me do my job better.  That’s why I’m so excited about

What do you think?

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4 Responses to HOW TO: Submit Your Ideas for DoD’s Open Government Plan

  1. Hollinsadrian says:

    I have a Magazine idea that I would like to Submit to the Military. I’ve looked for ways to do so online but cant find a reliable source. Any suggestions?

  2. Matthew says:

    Well I have a Idea for a object to have lift off with amazing power a magnetic nucular energy formed to take energy from magntics of the earth and space we have magntic spots from earth that i belive magnetic energys can be resourced for a conduting engery source like how you put two magnits togeth they push away from eachother imagine the portion of a arrow dinamic shuttle made from the power of magnetics able to achive hover transportaion almost using the earth like a bumper car set theres magnetic paterns were you avalibale to move from place to place from the conducting energy source and i belive magnetic energy can be harnsed. And i belive it will work the same way in space without neededing to refule or reload cause space itself is moving moving with a magnetic pull and i belive these magnetic pulls can be found in space certians times of the day weeks mounths or years use the universes energy to travle the universe I I belive solar energy is a importants aswell along with all of the inventions such as rocket science nucular energy magnetic energy. all combined can do somthing
    Im talking about alomost like alien space craft we would be building our flying saucers i just think if this information got into the right hands it would do alot of good
    My name Is matthew Totusek and I hope this helps some and i have alot more theroy with facts if you wanna know more please get a hold of me

  3. ed brooks says:

    To save money within the Department of Defense I suggest the following.
    Make “ALL” OCONUS assignments short “Unaccompanied Tours” with an option to extend (This option is currently available at most location).
    This alone will save Millions of dollars in Transportation, Administrative, Shipping, and Housing cost.  Moving one soldier and a smaller property allowance every 18 months from or to an OCONUS assignment is more cost effective, then moving one soldier and one or more (technically there is no limit on the amount of dependant’s one service member is allowed.) plus the increased property allowance every 24 to 36 months.  The amount of housing need would be exponentially reduced, as well as the need for school aged services, additional medical and other community resources’.
    Stop the practice of sending collage students to their OCONUS parents once a year at tax payer expense
    The administrative cost (time, resources, personnel) of providing Passports, medical screenings for command sponsorship, acquiring command sponsorships, would become nearly no existent.
    This would also aid in the reduction of force, as world travel for the family is an incentive to stay in.
    None of the above should be viewed as an entitlement, families allowed to travel overseas with the service member is an incentive (much like reenlistment bonus’s) not a right or benefit.

  4. aaabbbccc says:

    With the advancement of decentralized flying drone technologies, I think someone would have been considering modifying a collection of off-the-shelf flying automatons to form a very large detection & targeting network in the sky. Each automaton could relay information to fellow drones. This detection network could potential span across multiple kilometers (or more). If one drone is shot down, another would take it places.
    The size & shape of the network could change depends on the tactical requirements.

    Each drone the size of a suitcase hovering 500+ meters from the ground. It equips with advance sensors and target recognition. If one of drone detects an enemy units or vehicles, it would relay the targeting information to allies missiles, and then death from above.

    Imagine a low profile armour vehicle house 30+ of these targeting automatons, or a special force equips with 3-4+ targeting automatons. These types of configurations could make conventional tank warfare obsolete.