DoD Forensic Crime Lab Stays Ahead of Cyber-Criminals [PODCAST]

DC3_lg-300x295Public fascination with television’s CSI forensic detectives may be partly responsible for the high level of interest garnered by a Defense Department contest to solve cyber crimes. More than 1,100 teams from around the globe competed in this year’s Digital Forensics Challenge.

The winners will attend a Defense Department Cyber Crime Center (DC3) conference that starts Jan. 22 in St. Louis. The contest was created by Jim Christy, director of future exploration at DC3.

In a Dec. 9 interview on the Pentagon Channel podcast “Armed with Science: Research and Applications for the Modern Military Christy was joined by Curt Barnard, a member of this year’s winning team. The scientists explained the competition, the risks cyber criminals pose to national security and insights about the tools forensic detectives use to track down evidence in a digital age.

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