Podcast #41: Quantum Ghost Imaging

Ron Meyers, quantum physicist at the Army Research Laboratory. <i>Photo courtesy of ARL's quantum imaging laboratory</i>Earlier this week on Armed with Science, we had the opportunity to speak with Ron Meyers, quantum physicist at the Army Research Laboratory. Meyers discussed ghost imaging,which is a technique that allows a high resolution camera to produce an image of an object which the camera itself cannot see.

It uses two sensors, one that looks at a light source and another that looks at the object. A computer program then compares and combines the patterns received from the object and the light. This creates a “ghost image,” a black and white or color picture of the object being photographed. The earliest “ghost images” were silhouettes but current ones depict the objects more realistically.

“I think, or I would hope, in a few years that we have a soldier using a quantum ghost imaging imager to look through battlefield smoke and identifying friend or foe,” Meyers said.

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